Covid-19: Why Personal Trainers Should Take Their Businesses Online?

With Covid-19 pandemic sweeping the entire world, health officials have asked businesses to shut down their physical operations in order to avoid the spread of the virus. Alongside this, health experts have asked people all across the world to practice social distancing right now in order to lower the odds of one being infected with […]

Covid-19: Airbnb Offering Free Cancellations Worldwide

Airbnb recently updated its cancellation policy allowing the guests and the travellers to cancel their existing reservations for a full refund to avoid the spread of Covid-19. That’s correct. It’s now possible for the guests to cancel their reservations and receive full refunds. Under this new policy, the guests will be subject to a full […]

How to SEO your YouTube videos 2020

The SEO score is calculated on a series of factors and it is the first step to optimize your video. We will work on all aspects to get the video up and performing. The maximum SEO score is 50. We will have to work on all aspects of your videos to optimize them, get a […]

The Role Of Social Media Marketing In SEO

Did you know that more than half the world’s population uses various social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn, etc for one purpose or another? That’s billions of people we are talking about. (Source: On top of that, Facebook has now become the second-largest platform in the entire world, with the first one […]